Encyclopedias almanacs transcripts and maps. 191. Oli > Bahun > (Kumai) Regmi > Bahun > Kaushik (Purbiya, Kumai) 601. Vaish > Tarai-Hindu > Rajput 119. 451. 15,630, Dalit Rs. 590. Bantar > Tarai-Dalit Araqi > Muslim In urban areas both castes are prominent in government service, financial services, and politics. Dhanuk > Tarai-Hindu 56. The caste and surnames are as important as the man makes it to be. Ram > Tarai-Dalit > Chamar [3], According to the 2011 Nepal census, Bahuns (referred as Hill-Brahmin) are the second most populous group after Khas Chhetri with 12.2% of Nepal's population (or 32,26,903 people). 599. Except for what a daughter may receive as dowry, all property, particularly all landed property, is inherited by sons. Basti > Bahun > Atreya (Purbiya) 15. 275. Some of the largest ethnic groups in Nepal are looked at below. 123. Ghurcholi > Bahun Rawal > Newar-Kshatriya > Shrestha/Sheshya 502. The National Report says, "Over the last 15-20 years, three groups, namely Sudi, Kalwar and Teli have socially upgraded their status from the water unacceptable to the water acceptable community within the Tarai origin Hindu caste groups."[14][15]. A caste system prevails, with the Brahmans and Chhetris occupying a very high position in it. 624. 51. 672. 609. 682. Kami > Dalit > Bishwokarma The entire wedding ceremony lasts a full day, from the time the members of the groom's party arrive at the bride's home till they leave the next day with the bride. Top 10 Alcohol Consuming Countries In The World. 473. Thapalia/Thapaliya > Bahun > Bharadwaj (Kumai) Tripathi > Tarai-Brahman 48. 691. It does has its importance with the origin and the base that they came from. 547. 170. The earliest detailed record of the caste system in Nepal has been found in Kathmandu Valley from the 5th century CE during the Licchavi period (400 . 192. Damai > Dalit > Pariyar Chami > Newar-Dalit > Chami 693. 583. Basnet/Basnyat > Khas-Chhetri Rukain > Bahun Chik > Muslim Bhadel > Newar-Kshatriya > Shrestha/Sheshya Mallah > Tarai-Hindu Praja > Chepang ", "History of Dalit movements in Nepal: Much has been achieved, but discrimination still exists". Moreover, middle names are not necessary to add. Only Brahman males may act as priests, but much of the daily household puja (worship) is done by women. Maske/Maskey > Newar-Kshatriya > Shrestha/Sheshya Similarly, girls also may add middle names like Kumari, Maya, etc. 443. 689. 112. Shahi > Newar-Dalit > Naye With depiction on ancient religious scriptures or the stories based on history, they have kept their characters popping through the years. Bahuns are considered a religious ethnic group with traditional religious rituals performed in the temple including rites of passage, prayers, and temple duties. Brahman and Chhetri are high Hindu Nepalese castes. Palikhe > Newar-Kshatriya > Shrestha/Sheshya 38. 516. Sahi > Thakuri Prajapati > Newar > Kumah Swangsabu > Limbu 503. There are 3,212,704 of the total population of Brahmins in Nepal. 676. Rimal > Bahun > Kaushik (Purbiya) Gotra means subdivisions of the castes represent more close relations of family. Od > Dalit > Bishwokarma 31. Sahikh > Muslim [11] Hence, the present Newar society's foundation firmly stands on this restructuring by Malla as Newar society continues to comprise the 4 varna and 64 different caste groups which were hierarchically allotted in Jayasthiti Malla's time according to the classical and religious Hindu scriptures like the Manusmriti. The Nepalese caste system was the traditional system of social stratification of Nepal. 670. 538. Their dominance is reflected in education, administration and economical activities of the nation. They perform most of the child care, preparation and cooking of food, and weeding and tending of crops. The population of Newars (all castes) is around 5%, but its occupancy in the civil service is more than one-third (33.2%), although vast majority of this share comes from the minority upper-caste segments of the Chathariya and Panchthariya Shrestha Newars. 335. Since the code's revision in 1963, the Mulki Ain treats all citizens equally under the law. 19. Luitel/Luintel > Bahun > Kaushik (Purbiya) [13], The social structure of the caste-origin Madhesi Hindu groups is complex, reflecting four varna groups with distinct hierarchical structure within them. ." 38,193. Chhetri is further divided into several subgroups including Thakuri and Khasa. 416. [10] It also solidified the supremacy of Kanyakubja Brahmin descendants like the Rajopadhyaya Brahmins over other priests like Maithil Brahmins. 426. In Himalayan Anthropology: The Indo-Tibetan Interface, edited by James F. Fisher, 111-120. Kadel > Bahun > Bharadwaj (Kumai) "Unity and Diversity in the Chhetri Caste of Nepal." In Caste and Kin in Nepal, India, and Ceylon, 11-67. 552. Dangora > Tharu Rautar > Tharu Dong > Tamang 390. 363. 713. 128. 100. Fathers act as disciplinarians as their children grow older. Thakurathi > Khas-Chhetri This custom was traditionally only prevalent in the three Indo Aryan societies of the Khas, Madhesi, and Newars. Chyawa > Tamang 257. Mochi > Tarai-Dalit > Chamar Kaji > Khas-Chhetri Dev > Bahun 237. ( = the Bhatnagar > Tarai-Hindu > Kayastha 707. Music, dance, and visual and plastic arts are traditionally the domain of other, generally lower castes, and except among educated urban people Brahmans and Chhetris do not indulge themselves in these activities. Brachey > Sunuwar Bomjan > Tamang 699. The Chhetri are considered the largest ethnic community in Nepal, comprising 16.6% of the population according to the 2011 census. The houses of those living in towns, such as Kathmandu, the capital, are larger and are made of brick and cement. 282. Acharya > Newar-Brahman > Rajopadhyaya Devabhaju Brahman 3. Marwadi/Marwari > Tarai-Hindu 144. 139. 337. 86. 346. [16] The law also comprised Pryacitta (avoidance and removal of sin) and cra (the customary law of different castes and communities). Kuinkel > Bahun > Maudgalya (Purbiya) 184. The Tharu people are indigenous to the Terai region, and are recognized as official citizens by the government of Nepal. London: Asia Publishing House. Everything related to federalism and promises of the future. This is an Indo-European language closely related to Hindi and other North Indian languages. Nepal Population Report, 2002. Halal-khor > Muslim Shyangbo > Tamang Duwal > Newar > Jyapu 329. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Men shave their heads and are considered polluting during this time. Due to this people marry in their caste and avoid same gotra. 52. 530. 612. Dushadh > Tarai-Dalit > Dushadh Churihar > Muslim Ale > Magar Caste System: Theories and Practices in Nepal. 600. Paitola > Bahun Religious Practitioners. The Nepalese caste system broadly borrows the classical Hindu Chaturvarnashram model, consisting of four broad social classes or varna: Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Sudra. Rai > Rai 701. Mishra > Tarai-Brahman Bahun . Kochila > Tharu Khwakhali > Newar-Kshatriya > Shrestha/Sheshya Descent and inheritance follow the male line exclusively. Martu > Magar > Rana 192 19 399. 292. The caste system defines social classes by a number of hierarchical endogamous groups often termed jaat. 474. Hina > Limbu Chaudhari > Tharu The ethnic group is subdivided into septs (clans), sub-septs, and gotras. They attained the knowledge of the divine world through the Sanskrit Scriptures, either from the Veda or from the lores that came around from history. Why Bajgain brahmins write Jaishi as surname instate of Bajgain? Sinkhada > Bahun > Mandabya (Purbiya) 287. Lingden > Limbu In ancient times they were the only teachers who would guide and make the knowledge accessible to the people from the races of kings to commoners. The immigration of Brahmins into Nepal increased significantly from 1324 and continued up to 1769 due to the Islamic invasion of the western portion of the Indian subcontinent. 524. Although caste or tribe based hierarchy has been a hallmark for all ethnicities of Nepal, only three societies traditionally were part of the four Varna concept of social division and hierarchy. 92. 504. Location. They did it all in the right way. Kshetri dominate the military forces with nearly all high ranked officers belonging to either Kshetri or Thakuri caste. 634. Garden > Tamang 98. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. 2023 . 135. Singh > Tharu Chhetri > Khas-Chhetri The caste system conjoints a structural class divide which persists, in which lower castes/ethnicities are generally socio-economically are not equal like those of higher castes/ethnicities. Jhupucha > Jirel Their simple, mostly undecorated houses reflect this lack of artistic bent. Since brahmins had always been respected class people, they were adored by the Ranas as well as the Kings, thus this helped them to take their position in a respectable way. Phurumbo > Limbu Payen > Tamang 0 Gurwacharya > Newar-Kshatriya > Shrestha/Sheshya 597. Thulung > Rai Caucasoid or Aryan looking Nepalis are firmly based on Khas (Pahadi) community of Nepal. Chaudhari/Chaudhary > Tarai-Brahman These societies/ethnicities were: Khas/Parbatiya and Newars in the hills and Madhesis in the plains. 596. 308. In Nepal, high castes dominate 91.2% among the prominent position in politics and bureaucracy. 484. Dafali > Muslim Bogati > Khas-Chhetri 219. Amgai/Amgain > Bahun Halocha > Sunuwar 574. Brahmins were the original scholars. Magar > Magar 27 Apr. 220. (April 27, 2023). The Hague: Mouton Publishers. Even though these 3 words mean the same thing (, , ) due to popular usage (this is called in Sanskrit 268. [2] With Nepal's step towards freedom and equality, Nepal, previously ruled by a Hindu monarchy, was a Hindu nation which has now become a secular state. Gaha > Magar > Thapa 318. Chongbang > Limbu Brahmins are priests and teachers who are charged with the responsibility of protecting the sacred learning. Rajhtiya > Tharu Thandar > Tharu According to the 2011 Nepal census, Bahun is the second most populous group after Chhetri. Sotange > Rai Bahuns were able to hold government offices, administration and politics. 71. Upadhyaya > Tarai-Brahman 0000001700 00000 n The information that can be simply put, shows that the Brahmins who made their home in the Eastern part took the name of Purbeli. All first cousins are addressed by sibling terms. 97. They are the second largest Hindu group with a population of 3,212,704 (99.6% out of 100%). Dholi > Dalit > Pariyar Identification. Gaithaula > Bahun 686. Malla > Newar-Kshatriya > Shrestha/Sheshya Based on context, The word ( /) symblizes 3 things, = (Cow) , (Earth), (Veda), : = = (these words mean samething). Kharal > Tharu Jalari > Newar-Dalit > Pode people's perception of their own social situation has more to do with geography and objective social class, than with their association with the groups that the state has based its internal social policy on. Wagle > Bahun > Bharadwaj (Purbiya) Pal/Paal > Thakuri Kamsakar > Newar > Uray/Udhas Majhi > Tharu Kathmandu: Ratna Pustak Bhandar. Nagarchi > Dalit > Pariyar Chamlinge > Rai Kunwar > Khas-Chhetri Sabzi-farosh > Muslim Mughal > Muslim Slowly as time transitioned they have been divided into subgroups with their task and workmanship. Sharma > Tarai-Brahman 161. They are subdivided under the basis of location, or their origin. Barai > Tarai-Hindu Shigu > Limbu 363. 598. These seven Bhrigu, Angirasa, Atri, Kashyapa, Vasishta, Agastya and Vishwamitra were all Brahmarshis occupying the highest echelons amongst the hierarchy of the Rishis. 412. Dhuniya > Muslim 570. They perform the religious virtuoso and come from the background of notable and knowledgeable scholar backgrounds. Sedhai/Sedhain > Bahun > Angiras (Kumai) 5. Bikral > Bahun Darzi > Muslim 338. Shingden > Tamang 0000025361 00000 n 43. Sardar > Tharu Pudasaini > Bahun > Kaushik (Purbiya) (For bahuns, any caste apart from themselves is a lower caste). To find your choice, press Control+F and type the surname to see which caste/community/ethnic group and sub-caste/clan it falls under. 310. 0000002192 00000 n 163. Some Chhetris of west Nepal worship Mashta through shamans (dhamis or jhankris ) and know little or nothing about traditional Hindu deities and festivals. 228. This helped to grow resentment and foster ill will towards this particular caste which was supposed to use their education and skills to help the needed persons but instead was using it to exploit others through the means of the caste system and political machinations. Baijali > Magar > Gharti <<2E8DDD3CF03E8549BF09E3E6D432A776>]>> I). Pradhan > Newar-Kshatriya > Shrestha/Sheshya Burathoki > Magar Tumyangpa > Limbu 331. Likhim > Limbu Bastola > Bahun > Garga (Purbiya) Suyal > Bahun Murung > Chan > Magar 133. The Nepalese names usually come from Sanskrit and Pali. 543. Rokaha/Roka/Rokaya > Magar > Gharti Kanphatta > Newar > Jogi 539. 323. Nuniyar > Tarai-Hindu Etc). Newar lowest occupational castes Dom, Podhya, Chyamaha/Chandala, etc. Mulicha > Sunuwar 0000002270 00000 n 143. Aslami > Magar Kanphata > Tharu The Bahun is the second largest ethnic group in Nepal accounting for 12.2% of Nepalese. Brahmans also act as family priests, and Chhetris serve in both the Nepalese army and the Gorkha (Gurka) brigades of the British and Indian armies. Bahuns or hill brahmins originated from the Indo-Aryan Khasa tribe of Nepal and South Asia. Pathak > Bahun > Kaushik, Bashista (Kumai) Brahmans and Chhetris are found throughout Nepal. 714. 511. Balam > Tamang 514. Humagain/Hamyagain > Bahun Newari brahmins are those brahmins belonging to the Newari Ethnic Group. Dixit/Dikshit > Tarai-Brahman > Khas-Chhetri 265. 625. Chauhan > Thakuri 356. Bhattachan > Thakali 85. 567. Change). Lampuchhwa > Tharu 441. Phuyal > Bahun 398. 230. However, the date of retrieval is often important. 361. Acharya > Bahun > Kaudinya (Purbiya) 2. [8] Among them, most notable migration was the advent of later Malla and Chathariya/Kshatriya and their Maithil Brahmins and others like the Khadgis (butchers), Dobhi, among others, with conquest of Karnat kingdom in 1324 CE by Ghiyath al-Din Tughluq, the founder of the Tughlaq dynasty and Sultan of Delhi. Sherwa > Jirel They also handle all the rituals performed during marriage.

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