A relationship can seem like very hard work or that there is nothing to look forward to. How to Interpret Wand Cards in a Relationship Reading Published, How to Interpret Sword Cards in a Relationship Reading Published, How to Interpret Pentacle Cards in a Relationship Reading Published, How to Interpret Cup Cards in a Relationship Reading Published. I have offered numerous suggestions for you to work with. Yes to getting out and about a bit more. She is a part of the minor arcana set and is depicted as being both down-to-earth and very rich, which is shown through the image on different variations of the card. You mayfeel ready, or that the time is right to start a family. WebQueen of Wands Description and Symbolism The Queen of Wands is a regal card. WebYes or No meanings of the King of Pentacles and the Queen of Wands together maybe + maybe Both the King of Pentacles and the Queen of Wands have a Yes or No meaning He might embarrass you with his unfriendly manner. Your relationship has prevailed and the worst is behind you. Look to see what this relationship is built on. Lack of running away, or getting out money may hopelessly bind you to a partner you loathe, or no longer love.. Read Full Card Description. In separations or divorces one partner is literally taken to the cleaners financially. They view love and romance in an idealistic way and most certainly they are to be encouraged in this manner for we should all be lost without love. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Also when the Seven and Four of Cups lie side by side I have to ask if there is excess, such as too much socialising, drinking etc. Taking or giving. . If there is a karmic connection between you it might involve the important choice she has to make where you are involved, especially when we see the Lovers. Do you identify with the King of Pentacles? No, he is unlikely to commit or be faithful. This card can also suggest that you are a giver in your relationship but find it hard to take. Someone you know (or about to know) has fallen for you. There may also be hidden agendas. A relationship that keeps you on your toes. He is quite choosy and could be single for a long time before getting involved. A mature independent woman.Read Full Card Description. You do not sweat the small stuff as your relationship is bigger and stronger than any problems you have had to face. Financial worries could be putting a strain on your relationship. A protector of others. It reminds us not to take our physical and mental well-being for granted, but to treat it with respect and pay attention to our bodies and minds. A perfect, free rune reading for beginners. Quick spiritual connection. Walter is a psychic advisor, journalist, and spiritual entrepreneur. Laziness within a relationship or taking your partner for granted. Yes/No Card Yes, keep going but effort is required. Remember, how you interpret Court cards in combination may be different for you, so it is best if you come up with your own combinations. Where money is concerned, this reversed King knows the price of everything but the value of nothing. It is associated with the element of Earth, so includes a grounding, nurturing and stabilizing energy to help keep us safe, as well as to bring abundance and growth. Both King Of Wands and Queen Of Pentacles mean Yes when being asked a question. Unfaithfulness and blatant disregard are common. You might be withholding something from your partner. FinancesThe King of Wands Tarot card is a positive sign for finances. Yes to settling down and starting a family. If theres one word to describe the King of Wands, its passionate. No, this relationship lacks strength and commitment. You may also feel like quitting after consecutively failing to conceive. If he or she really wants you then they will wait. The presence of card combinations influences the whole of your reading. When the Queen of Wands is joined by another queen card, this indicates the presence of a strong, supportive person in your life. The Queen of Pentacles could indicate a friend or family member loaning you money. Start a free reading now, and try over 20 free tarot-spreads. Look to see what this relationship is built on. It means the person that embodies the characteristics of King of Wands reversed is being aggressive towards you. Thanks again. Its worth noting that although these experts provide excellent insight and advice, you still have a significant role to play as the querent. Judgement along with the eight of Swords I feel shows you coming into the scenario after going through a major change in life or as you enter a new phase of life. Yes to pregnancy or approaching birth. Someone may try to buy you or impress you with their wealth or status. Yes, to not getting complacent about your relationship. This shows good signs of developing into something great. Yes to reflection and retrospection. She came into my life while still with my ex and highlighted a lot of emotional abuse. It could be that you have to work 24/7 to meet the financial needs of your relationship such as childcare, house, car, utility bills etc.. Read Full Card Description, Yes/No Card No, there may be commitment problems in a relationship. Whatever is going on, it is having a negative impact on what started out with such promise. This may be a blessing or a curse depending on how you see it. Instability and lack of security. With the Four of Cups I sense moodiness and possible sulking. It suggests an easing of pressure and stress. On the other hand, depending on surrounding cards, she can highlight the woman who is desperate for children but is finding it hard to conceive, or carry a pregnancy to full term. Working on your relationship or making a committed effort to sort out issues. I still feel somewhat conflicted over the two of them so its possible he continues to be in the way. After all, as an authoritative figure, he ensures to take care of his people. No to possessiveness, jealousy and control. It can mean you like to look after and care for your partner but you might believe you know best for them in all matters. Seeking professional help for a troubled relationship.. Read Full Card Description. Look to surrounding cards. 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Learn more about Lisa here. Make sure you select correct rotation - upright / reversed or even general type . Cups desire security, commitment and faithfulness in relationships. A man of creativity and grand projects. Today's Moon Phase You might be in an unconventional relationship or have stunned everyone with your choice of partner. The direction most commonly associated with the Suit of Wands however, is South. He may appear intimidating to some due to his intensity, and sometimes commanding presence, but this King is extremely friendly, helpful and generous. Money or love? You may have left it too late to have children. An understanding that money cannot buy you happiness. A couple or partner pushing too much. This card can represent a seriously ambitious couple. Financially you can cope on one salary for a while. Yes to commitment, faithfulness and reliability. Yes/No Card No, not great, but maybe got off to a bad start. He is strong, intense and quite mysterious. Look to surrounding cards as there may be issues that could be sorted. Decisions that are hard to handle or maintain. The end of a cycle approaching. Yes/No Card Yes to a give and take relationship. Look at the meanings of each card, and you will have your answer. The simplest way to think about the Queen of Pentacles is that it indicates: Practical, motherly, down-to-earth and nuturing. No to giving too much all the time. A serious commitment is likely. He could be playing the field, and if he has money then he might be a bit of a play boy. iFate works with writers who have knowledge and experience about all types of esoterica.We're an equal opportunity publication with a strong commitment to diversity, equity and jnclusion. The direction most commonly associated with the Suit of Pentacles is East. A controlling relationship where one is dominated by the other. No to viewing your partner as one of your possessions or to becoming too intense. At the same time, the energy of the Queen of Pentacles reminds us to be mindful of the environment around us, finding balance between our professional and personal lives. If you are very career ambitious, or in the start-up of a business, you may have decided to stay single for the time being as you need to give full attention to your own projects and goals. You dont have the money to spend right now. You would rather spend someone elses money than make your own. If so, she might initially start a relationship with another in the hope that it will blossom and perhaps help her get over her ex, but with the Seven and Four of Cups, the potential of the Ace of Cups weakens considerably. No to doing something stupid. Your love life might be rocky and has been hitting some ups and downs. You may also be dating someone totally out of your class on one extreme or the other. Yes/No Card Yes to coming out of the dark tunnel and into the light again. Marrying for money. Yes/No Card No, this relationship is not as it seems. This Reversed Queen can act as a warning about neglecting your partner or not putting effort in to your relationship. iFate Insight Blog. She tends to be very health conscious, fit and very good-looking. This is a card for looking past the romantic aspect of relationships to the vitally important area of finances and assets. He does not respect his partner and can be neglectful and inconsiderate. Yes, to being on your guard. Take the first step towards unlocking your destiny by clicking the button below. The positions are "You", "Your Partner" and "The Outlook". The love experienced by Cups can turn sour overnight as they are easily influenced by their shifting environment. Ultimately, The King Of Wands and The Queen Of Pentacle tarot cards together represent balance, courage, and resourcefulness when it comes to taking care of ones health. Health: The Queen of Pentacles tarot card symbolizes the need for good self-care, in order to maintain physical and mental health. No, this relationship is not as it seems. As one of the King cards in the Minor Arcana, the King of Wands represents masculine energy. They are very grounded and committed to each other even though they may lead very busy separate lives. His family loyalties are very strong and he makes for a wonderful responsible and reliable father. Yes to feeling secure in your relationship. This reversed ten can also highlight the dilemma of marrying below your class or station in life. WebQueen of Wands For Love. On the other hand, her presence could suggest the departure of this Queen from your life, or that you have nothing to offer her. Nuturing and understanding are indicated. I would be interested to hear what you made of the 8 of Swords as it is not a card you want in a relationship reading. Because the underlying gender of the Pentacles and Wands suits is mixed, this card pairing does not have an overt gender leaning.

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