Along with the rest of your 2011 class officers, Im excited about the possibilities to grow and develop relevant content and programming for a fascinating stage of our lives as alums. Eugene Ceglowski, DVM 67, up in Rupert, VT, says, Ive lived an isolated life for the past yearputting up 100 acres of hay, raising heifers, talking but not live-visiting with family, seeing how granddaughters, both juniors at Cornell, are doing, and being glad Im not one of the [then] 530,000 who died. Philip Dattilo Jr. writes a similar note from Mendon, NY, saying only, I have cabin feverno travel and dont go to restaurants. Anthony Mauro ( of East Amherst, NY, has gotten out somewhat in advising and assisting his sons business, operating four restaurants in Western New York, and enjoying grandkids and family. I left Boston after completing those trainings in 1972 to train in psychoanalysis in London, and I have lived here ever since. Thats what my new musical is about.. Raymond Disch shared that he is CEO at Sourland Mountain Spirits distillery, located in Hopewell, NJ, and spends time being involved in his community. Class website. Open hours are for current members to get help with using lab tooling by CMC officers. It would be so enlightening to find out who you are. Giving hope to us all, Susan Ng Hill commented, You two have not aged since freshman year. Mark Stenzler continues to churn out the blues on the Swiss airwaves and online through his Blues Zeppelin show. Same need for news. Jerrilyn McGregory, MPS 85, a professor of African American folklore at Florida State U., has a new book out. New office furniture and laboratory benches had been back-ordered and were in place, and the new laboratory power supply was energized and ready for use. It has been one life-pleasing experience. Cottrell designed a special illumination laboratory for the third-floor north wing. I know that more and more of us are finding our way here as a new way to stay connected! I sold one of my investment firms and transitioned the CEO role in another to my younger partners. Speaking of Cornell itselfits pretty amazing to go back and see how much the campus has changed while some parts have, happily, stayed the same. Her daughter interviewed her on another app, and its turned into a memoir. When Alex said he had never heard of orbisculate, Hilary was happy to bet $5 that it was in the dictionary. They live in New Hampshire and California, respectively. Contact 607-255-1917 Home Phillips Hall Phillips Hall Room Number: 126 Directions: 1st floor Phillips Hall, enter from the Duffield Atrium or the Phillips loading dock or the Phillips Campus Rd entrance. Both jobs are now operating fully remotely from home. As a result, she has become a birder. FCS Customer Service Center. You can reach the Horowitzes in Hopkins, MN, at Shes been spending her time working on local politics, where shes picked up skills for marketing on Facebook and created a puppet show using her phone! Serena is also a professor, chief of the spine service, and vice chair of quality, safety, and value at the orthopaedic surgery department at Stanford, which proudly stated, Dr. I am also chairman of the environment committee of Concerned Citizens of Laguna Woods Village. Please feel free to drop us a line with your news for the class column. These changes could not occur immediately, of course, so for several years members of the Arts and Sciences faculty often gave instruction in Mathematics, History, and English Literature in some of the classrooms, and on occasion, other schools in the Engineering College would use the Phillips Hall lecture rooms. I am a consistent donor to Cornell, but I am not going to use this form. Mick and Joan Bleckwell McHugh still reside in Shawnee Mission, KS (whence, perhaps, the tornadoes hitting the East this summer came). There is so much more to life than working, she notes, as shes settling into a new house with ongoing outside projects. Michiganders everywhere will benefit from Marks leadership and his commitment to identifying and uplifting historic places for future generations to enjoy. Mark served as the executive director of the Michigan Historic Preservation Network and also worked as a managing member with Lynmar Group LLC for over ten years providing consulting services for historic rehabilitation projects. He joined a law firm in Boston, became chairman of the Civil Aeronautics Board, and later formed the private law firm of Pogue & Neal. Take care and please share. She shared that the youngest of their four sons graduated from Cornell in May. She is also earning a certificate in genealogical research from Boston U. Last September, his Evidence of Things Unseen, a volume of fiction comprising four stage plays, was also published. Beverly Fortran explains that she is single and healthy. Two mates live in Maine: Rev. Online news form. Online news form. She also loved exploring her fascinating neighborhood, the Upper West Side of NYC, and deeper connections with her neighbors. Once the contribution period has finished, the book will be frozen, and the file will be available to all classmates. Please also continue to send your news via the online news form! Cornell continued to operate its on-campus nuclear reactor as a research facility following the close of the program. Cindy Fuller,; Ilene Shub Lefland, The faculty was pleased with the new classrooms, laboratories, and facilities. Sam Linke Leslie also writes about culture and society for Vogue and the New York Times. He reports the loss of classmate Warren Terry Grinnan, his good friend and roommate. Staying safe and healthy is important, but maintaining mental health and filtering out all the noise is the true test., Next door in Queens, congratulations to former Daily Sun cartoonist Ali Solomon Mainhart, now illustrator of a humorous new book, I Am Why Do I Need Venmo? Years Old: Adventures in Aging. Liebes family adopted a rescue cat and a Cavalier King Charles spaniel during the pandemic. Howard is looking forward to, hopefully, an active retirement. Special congratulations go to her mother, who was 101 in April, well, and still independent! Bruce Burstein is in Laguna Niguel, CA. Please keep sending news and updates! The original seats were removed, refurbished and reinstalled in a staggered pattern for uninterrupted sightlines. In 2019, we visited along with Bing Carlson, MBA 63, and wife Marcy and toured the Christmas markets in Bavaria. Her biggest takeaway from COVID is to be thankful for her health, friends, and family. If you sent us your news in the fall, look for it in an upcoming column! He and Steven Weinberg discussed physics while riding the subway to and from high school. Technology has allowed me to gratify my lifelong interest in the arts, presenting me with a virtual reality of ballet performances, art exhibits, and concerts that comprise the current cultural scene of NYC, her current home. Dianne has been doing sewing/craft projects and jigsaw puzzles. Every time I get squirted by a grapefruit, I think of Neil, and what we shared during our wonderful years at Cornell and through the decades that followed., Dave Nisbet writes, Ill always remember the stunning beauty and colors of the campus in the fallunforgettable. Continue to send notes and updates to me at the address below, or submit an online news form. Prior to Alcon, he served as CEO and CTO at TrueVision Systems, where he guided the company to a successful exit coupled with a complex, simultaneous spinout of the companys non-ophthalmology business. Two additional deaths of classmates occurred in this period. Margaret Monteith Edelman, BA 45, has been spending time at the doctors office. In addition to working from home, Pam has been home more in general due to the pandemic. Sometime later, I met and married Claire Barenholtz, who had been a widow for several years. Hopefully the grandkids will come soon thereafter. Dick has an Iowa connection. I also write for a couple of business newspapers and do a lot of puzzles! And Netflix helps too. Tom Newton wrote, No real changes. Congrats in so many ways to our beloved Reunion chair, Amy Miller Moore, who shared: My daughter Leah 20 graduated with honors from Human Ecology in May 2020. I think the idea is I have more of a stake in how well it is run. Russell wrote that he had no idea what he would end up doing post-Cornell. He spent the last year of leg recovery and COVID-19 living with his son and his wife but expected to return to his own condo and independent living over the summer. Jim and Margo Randall Bittner have been hosting tastings at their winery for visitors at seated tables and have temporarily stopped bus and limo trips to accommodate pandemic health concerns. Fortunately, I learned the ups and downs of startups by launching a desktop publishing venture while I was at Cornell decades ago! Greg analyzes sites and projects, helps developers refine financial and budget modeling, and points out funding strategies. If you have news to share, please send it to any of us: Linda Moses,; Danna Levy,; or Cynthia Ahlgren Shea, Don Barber ( writes from Plano, TX, and reports the loss of his wife, Gretchen, last year and a son, Andrew, in 2018. with Scott and Jean Euker Rigden 70. Murray Heimberg, MNS 49, spent most of the COVID-19 year indoors and adjusted to it very well. If you sent us your news in the fall, look for it in an upcoming column! Adil also serves on the board of LIFT Philanthropy Partners, and as an executive member of the Young Presidents Organizations British Columbia chapter. . Scott Behson proudly announced the launch of his latest book, The Whole Person Workplace: Building Better Workspaces Through Work-Life, Wellness, and Employee Support. Steve describes this expanded edition as a mystifying mix of truth and lies, fact and fiction, illusion and reality, all based on real experiences from my life. For more information about Steves incredible show, see his website. Hey there, Class of 88! If you havent yet, now is your chance. As I write this, I find it difficult to believe that its another glorious fall in Ithaca and we have been living through this pandemic for a year and a half. Congratulations to Albert Morales, who recently joined Malta Inc. as its CFO. Also, be sure to stay tuned for news of great upcoming class happenings and events via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We hope that you all are well and look forward to reading more news from classmates. Tweet. We enjoyed volunteering during our years in California: Nan in the Alameda Free Library and Richard with the Oakland Museum of California, repairing donated electronics. As luck would have it, Im writing this installment of our class column from a beautiful house on Cayuga Lake. He also volunteers for a nonprofit serving local seniors, which he loves. He also has been meeting online every week with his daughter in Denver and his son and daughter-in-law in Santa Monica, CA. In his senior year he was a finalist in the national Westinghouse Science Talent Search. After Cornell, he succeeded brilliantly in his graduate work at Harvard, where he earned his PhD in physics in 1958. Congratulations on the new grandchild! She teaches diabetic education and is a private health and wellness coach. My wife, Judy Wolf, MD 81, is an infectious disease specialist, and my son, Jonathan Eisen, MD, is a hospitalist at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, caring for many acutely ill, hospitalized COVID patients. After firmly convincing him that I indeed decided this on my own, he swore me in on his Bible in his chambers. Remember! Life is too short to wear uncomfortable jeans. Nowadays she is once again hugging friends and enjoying the great outdoors together. Since graduation, Cari has been balancing career, motherhood, athletics, and community engagement, and remaining connected to the Big Red community. Online news form. The service-courses staff (for non-electrical engineering students) was housed in the Old Armory next to the Old Heating Plant, a high-voltage laboratory was in operation on Mitchell Street Extension, and the School machine shop was located in the basement of Morris Hall adjacent to Franklin Hall on the present site of the Johnson Museum. During the pandemic she was Zoom-active and enjoyed phone calls from her three children (almost) daily. Her biggest takeaway from the pandemic is that friendships are important to nurture, regardless of physical distance, and that we should live each day with gratitude and never forget those who are without resources. Linn Jensen Smyth ( used her down time during the pandemic to find and purchase (all online) a new home in St. Louis, MO, where she moved from Houston. NL - Not Located Within a District. Her book, Navigating Your Later Years for Dummies, Portable Edition, was published in January 2021. I am in a book group here in NYC with our Reunion chair, Carole Rapp Thompson, and Judith Cohen Lowry. They are being renovated one after another to a more contemporary style. Humberto Cordero Jr., ME 63 ( relates being prevented from traveling and having to stay in Puerto Rico to avoid COVID. While Neal continues his work as an attorney, he has shortened his commute to Manhattan considerably, working from home. Our big news is that weve just bid farewell to our daughter, Isabel 25, who is starting at Cornell in Arts & Sciences. When he is not working, Neil enjoys playing and competing in golf. Jessica learned that the human brain has about 100 billion nerve cells, all of which are present at birth but have few links between them. Bill Schmidt had two paintings of Washington scenes (views of the National Gallery of Art and Dupont Circle) at a D.C. gallery this summer. I have been happy to have lived most of that time in a pretty 18th-century farmhouse facing the River Thames in West London, and to have holiday homes in Provence and on Cape Breton Island, NS. Jim serves as an ad hoc member of the CALS deans advisory committee and is farming Cornell fruit, including SnapDragon and RubyFrost apples, with his sons, Kevin 04 and David (Purdue 08). That is the reason why the focus still seems to be on the pandemic lockdowns and restrictions. Now I am doing lots of gardening and woodworking, as well as plenty of reading. Ron lives in Lexington, MA, and is mostly retired from psychiatry but still writing and teaching. After two canceled Reunions, Matt French, ME 96, and I decided we couldnt stay away any longer and took the kids (Sarah, 10, and Benjamin, 8) up to the Finger Lakes to visit the old alma mater and enjoy everything the surrounding area has to offer. Write in and let us know about major life changes or how youve kept busy this fall. Integrated circuits are ubiquitous and integral to everyday devices that make our world work, from cellular phones and home appliances to automobiles and satellites. Assistant Professor Applied and Engineering Physics Clark Hall, Room 223 . He writes: Ruth had a fall back in September, which broke some bones in her wrist/hand. I hope you found our column! From her news, it is easy to see why Rachels family brings her the most satisfaction in life these days. Enjoying autos and audio as hobbies, time with his wife, and extended family Zooms for the past year, Howard says that most of his joy comes from walks and playing with best buddy Bosco. Desire is a trustee in the village of Olympia Fields, IL, where the Watkinses reside, and she ran for mayor in spring 2021. Still in the same house and town. Dana Johnson (Pittsford, NY) wrote, I have been playing clarinet and baritone sax in three bands for 30 yearssince retirement. In a new note, Ann Coffeen Turner checked the box that lets me share her email: Holidays soon will be upon us, and we wish all continued safe and happy ones, and a better year in 2022. have imagined that I stood out to her amazing self in any way at all. Her youngest son is getting married in September and her oldest grandchild, Samantha, had a Zoom bat mitzvah last February. Scott Peer has been working from home for Virgin Orbit. He finds this delivery work very flexible and fun. He reports that after in-person meetings were dramatically curtailed during the pandemic, there is now a slow return to travel, dinner with friends, and shopping while keeping safety restrictions. Phillips Hall. Walter and wife Kathy recently had family visits in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Connecticut, and planned to drop by Cornell on their way to Ohio from Connecticut. Shes involved in the Walk to End Alzheimers and the local pregnancy support center. TheSchool of Electrical Engineering became a separate entity in 1921, but the 1916-level classroom and laboratory space remained essentially unchanged until World War II days. All the classmate news Im getting is written in longhand! Jeffery Weaver, MBA 90, EVP risk at KeyCorp, was one of eight people chosen to serve on the Federal Reserve of Clevelands new Equity and Inclusion Advisory Council. Burton is also a McKinsey & Co. management consultant veteran with expertise in advanced technology, life sciences, and corporate finance. Walter Smith, here for the first time in 28 years, just retired at the end of August as a professor at Texas Tech U. He has flown every summer (except for the last two years) to Germany to visit with his former neighbors, whose older daughter he tutored in English vocabulary and pronunciation when she started first grade in the US. Phillips Hall closes off the east end of the Engineering Quadrangle and boarders Campus Road. Before the new building could come into being it was necessary to find a donor and to select a suitable site. Frederic has sadly gone through a divorce and is adjusting to his new life. She says that COVID has changed the lives of all. Cathy Glick ( is in Jackson, MI, working full time as a cardiologist for Henry Ford Health System. We were so gratified to receive so many updates from you via our email solicitation in September. He is a member of the firms finance practice in New York, principally advising financial institutions and direct lenders in connection with various transactions. Bruce is increasingly focusing on leadership coaching at a large teaching hospital and medical school. Your correspondent is pleased to report the arrival July 7 of his second grandchild, Alexander, who joins older brother Ethan, 3, and his parents, Vanessa Hoffman 07 and David Weiner, and grandparents Eileen Barkas Hoffman 69 and me. One of the happiest memories I have of those days is the heavy summer downpours while listening to Heitor Villa-Loboss Bachianas Brasileirasthe Little Train of Caipira transporting my imagination to the Amazon jungle. Phillips Hall, Room 305 Fernando Escobedo Samuel W. and Diane M. Bodman Professor in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Smith School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 344 Olin Hall 607/255-8243 Yong L. Joo BP Amoco/H. The series is scheduled to start at 4 p.m. on Friday and conclude with a doubleheader on Saturday starting at 12:30 p.m. Friday, April 28 Niemand-Robinson Field | Ithaca, N.Y. at Cornell - 11:00 a.m. (DH) This book is, at its core, about relationshipsplatonic, romantic, and chosen family. Our road closures page contains details that may affect driving directions. First up is Indy Mukerji, ME 96 (, who writes in to let us know thatguess what?his and wife Kerstin (Johnson) 97, MS 98s oldest child just started as a freshman at Cornell! Their very first house guests were Terri Heusinger Carney and her husband, Brian, from Indianapolis.

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