Why are they now showing up on my card? On this page, you'll find a comprehensive collection of reviews and complaints from real customers who have used CCI Hotel Reservations's products or services. Even the hotel workers were shocked of the amount when I contacted them about it. "It is not included, unfortunately, " she said. You cannot add money to a transaction during or after payment submittal. After a 13 hour drive, we arrived at the hotel at 930 PM. But this next comment isnt quite correct Make sure you are directed to the proper website to reserve a room. I dont quite understand about being redirected or how that occurs. On and by the way, the room at the Country Inn and Suites was crap. We go to great lengths to adequately disclose the tax recovery charges and service fees we charge. That's correct, CCI*HOTEL RES did not book a room for us, refused to give us a refund, and then made us jump through hoops with Visa to be reimbursed. The bill on the confirmation was $102.27 from CCI. To my surprise, the sum of six hundred forty nine dollars and twenty six cents was charged to my card on the 28th of July. If you dont recognize the charge, you can email Get a Room at CustomerCare@getaroom.com or call the company at 1-800-468-3578. By using this website you agree to our Cookies Policy. It took several calls to their 800-468-3578 number to get a person (you must act like you want to make a new reservation). Did you book that from a Tripadvisor page? Checking in, the night supervisor found our reservation. The reservation for the Red Rood Inn, Greensboro NC for Aug 5 -7, 2022. Also, there was a notice that there are NO Cancellations! How did you get rerouted to Getaroom? ComplaintsBoard.com is a leading complaint resolution website on the Internet. You can try to call them and never talk to a live person and if you do get a live person, they have trouble speaking English. The new price was higher than the Hilton website. more than the motel would have charged us directly. There is not such thing! Get a Room is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has a "D" rating. Same thing happened to me with doubletree hotel. I immedidately called my cc company to dispute the charges. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise Like so the many other I too was searching the internet for hotels. They then informed me they couldnt cancel as the hotel wont allow cancellations. This morning I sent a very specific email to the address I was given - escalations@getaroom.com. "We were told breakfast was included when we made the reservation." Refund $48.12 to my credit card. Interestingly I called Best Western to make a reservation and I was routed to CCI Hotel and Best Western Claim its impossible. Or understand English very well. This business should be put out of business! I was told I would get a refund and that I would get a confirmation email within 24 hours I have not. I was looking for a two night reservation and got online at what I thought was the Days Inn website. I had the following experience this weekend. From the reviews I have been reading I will never use you again. Demand the hotel to pay for the drive to another hotel. I was driving and using hands free so I was not able to confirm if I was on the Hampton Inn number, I trusted Google (Which in my honest opinion are accomplishes of this people since they get paid) I called the number that was given by Google which was not the Hampton Inn number, but the Indian lady that answered the phone did not identify herself as working for CCI and she pretended (Dishonest miss representation with the intention to defraud) to be the Hampton Inn front desk. He offered a 10% one time reduction or an $8.00 refund which I took in lieu of paying $102.27 for nothing. I have no disputed it with my bank. On my credit card I had a charge for $1955.28 listed as CCI*Hotel Res. Included were the non-disclosed tax and service recovery fee. We have cancelled the res and they said they would be charging a nearly $200 fee which we will be disputing with the credit card issuer. Definitely FRAUD. Business Profile GuestReservations.com Travel Agency Contact Information 4023 Kennett Pike # 53238 Wilmington, DE 19807-2018 Visit Website (917) 933-5719 Average of 187 Customer Reviews Customer. I want my money back. When I tried to cancel my reservation for the return trip was told I had to go back through Bookings.com. Unfortunately when I received the confirmation, there was an additional $28 charge which was 30% of the room charge. In the bill they sent us by e-mail, they wrote: What can be done to put this fraud out of business? Especially if it involves an attorney or a class action lawsuit which seems to result in a very low return. We even notified each person on the line that we were talking to from this company that they have gotten bad bad reviews on multiple review websites, it didn't even phase them. My complaint though is with the reservation desk. I was not even in Texas on that date. Even though we canceled in the correct timeframe, CCI charged us $233.51 anyway. CCI sent me a copy of their receipt. This CCI conducts illegal behavior by misrepresenting themselves and should be prosecuted. Redirected from Hyatt Place web site to CCI . I was charged $142.34. . Only to find out later, that this was a fraud. Same with booking directly with the hotel itself, you would find and book in its own official website. COUNTY OCCUPANCY TAX $6.29 On my credit card I had a charge for $1955.28 listed as CCI*Hotel Res. After I made the reservation, gave my credit card and got the total, I was horrified to find out I was charged an additional $33.00 a night for a "service charge". Your resolve to return said price at the end of stay. Despicable. I was being evacuated from my home because of a fire. Holiday inn say they never received the booking. The Hotel charged us $782.22; CCI charged us $1,060.91, including a fee of $277.69 which was not disclosed, nor were any conditions disclosed. Alternatively, you may use. I would had canceled in their time frame if I had known they wrongly sent me to a non pet friendly motel which I had asked for. It took several calls to their 800-468-3578 number to get a person (you must act like you want to make a new reservation). Was charged 529.96. This was not mentioned until check out also. I was charged in full.I was also charged another $7.99 service fee.After I booked, I found out that it's said that the hotel policy was not refundable for cancelations.I went to looking tres website and found out that their rooms were Available for $25 last and were refundable upon cancelation.I booked oneTo have a record when I called the looking company. We stayed 5 nights at Suburban Extended Stay Hotel in Avondale, LA with a reservation made with CCI. She then said I could call and get a refund. On Sept. 3, driving into Connecticut as dusk approached, we pulled over and went online to book a hotel. ** until I went back some months while viewing my statement. They said the Location asked for was booked but recommended Fairfield by Marriott near airport in Tempe, AZ. I have sent detailed emails, both receipts (the hotels and theirs) and copy of credit card statements. The Cleveland Clinic here in Cleveland will document. Reservation No. Please DO NOT book with this fraudulent company and be VERY careful when you are booking hotels online as this site mimics legitimate hotels sites. Made the reservation, chose a room and paid the bill. I am out $141.98 Strange!!! This people are crooks that need to be put out of business. I tried to call the number and got no person; just a loop of press 1, 2, 3, and if you want to talk to a person, call the specific hotel.So I'm having to go thru changes to get my hard earned money back when I sheltered in place almost 5 weeks but am getting charged for a reservation I didn't make and can't complain to them about .. The stay was supposed to be at Americas Best Inn and Suites Macon. You should be demanding the hotel to provide you a refund of what you paid on checkout. CcI reservations did the same to us and worse! It was a charge for the same hotel . it was for $163.90. To use our mobile site, please enable JavaScript. I do not even own a Mastercard. Number. Read full review of CCI Hotel Reservations, Make people and Google aware of the practices of this people, Read full review of CCI Hotel Reservations and 1 comment, Fraudulent third party reservation practices, Hotel reservation with a 60% tax recovery. I have received a Cancellation Number as well as a Ticket number and told it would that three to five days to appear on my cardI don't feel real good about this after reading all the reviews Dear CCI*Hotel Reservation and GETAROOM management. Within the hour I Canceled that reservation. In addition to the General Site Terms posted below, the following terms apply to any reservations and stays you book through the site. It looked very much like I was dealing with Days Inn. When I got to the hotel I was booked in a smoking room on Priceline.com for $66.00 on a Mastercard. I cancelled room immediately and tried contacting to receive refund. This company is a fraud and scam. It took several calls to their 800-468-3578 number to get a person (you must act like you want to make a new reservation). I looked for hotel in Memphis TN using google Maps. Welcome to our customer reviews and complaints page for CCI Hotel Reservations. The difference was this fraudster (CCI Hotel room) site that appeared to be Holiday Inn linked and they applied an overcharge of $235.27 - this is unbelievable and I plan to complain to the Chamber of Commerce in Hilton Head and also to Holiday Inn - I demand a refund! Beware of CCI Hotel Reservations.com it's a total scam. Please DO NOT add attachments that contain your or other peoples personal information, if you dont want it to be visible to the public. Unfortunately, the reservation page disappeared before I take a snapshot or copy the fake confirmation number. >>. THis is exactly the same procedure we went through that we read in all the negative reviews. After I finally reached them--after MANY hours of trying--I had JUST passed the cancellation window. She was not aware the site was a scam and typically we have used reputable sites she simply didn't think anything of it booked on 6/11/22 for reservation date of 6/15/22. I will not bother to call this people since it will be waste of time (they know this) and I will end up irritated and accomplish nothing. May 9 I got online and booked a room I asked about their cancellation policy in case I need to cancel she told me 24 hours for a full refund. CCI Hotel Reservations Complaints? There are no refunds for no-shows or early check outs! I did get thru and talked to someone at CCI and they said it's non refundable. Hilton brand has its own site so did you think or assume you were on that site after doing an Internet search for the hotels name? Why did you think you are booking on Priceline? Is Travel Expo 2021 legitimate? I called the hotel to verify; they did not have a duplicate reservation and did not receive a payment from CCI. There was no notification that there was such a large service charge until I checked out. "It's non-refundable." Because the discounts applied to only a portion of the charges for breakfast, we realized we'd now be paying something more than the $174.03, presumably around $200 for our stay. Capital One is handling this as fraud and refunding my money. I have a charge on my bank account for CCI Hotel on 11/13/19. Report them to BBB, as well as make a formal complaint to USITC. It is all well designed to fool the customer into thinking it's authentic and reasonable. Trying to obtain a duplicate receipt from this company any phone assistance only puts you in the reservation queue. CCI*Hotel Res/getaroom.com is absolutely fraudulent and still doing the same thing to customers without any remorese. CCI Hotel Reservation misleads consumers to think they're booking online or via phone directly with a hotel. Later I got a text and email indicating that my total bill was $146.00 which included a $50+ for a membership. Read full review of CCI Hotel Reservations and 4 comments, 16 years' experience in successful complaint resolution, Each complaint is handled individually by highly qualified experts, Last but not least, all our services are absolutely free. February [protected] They STOLE money from my credit card and did nothing! How much the hotel gets and how much getaroom take from that is between them. When the charge showed up on the credit card statement the total was way over the quoted room rate. Submit a complaint and get your issue resolved. "You know what, " I said. When I tried to cancel my room reservations, I was unable to get through to CCI Hotel Reservations. Our reviews are authentic and unbiased, providing you with a complete picture of the company, its products or services, and their customer service. I booked accommodation at the Holiday Inn in Fiji and was overcharged. They try to get you to think you're checking in with the hotel. If you do not cancel or change your reservation before the cancellation policy period applicable to the hotel you reserved, you will be subject to a charge equal to applicable nightly rates, tax recovery charges and service fees. When he asked if I accepted this non-refundable booking, I told him I felt he was pressuring and did not wish to book. Please feel free to browse our reviews and complaints and share your own experience with CCI Hotel Reservations. I believe CCI Hotel reservations is ripping people off. I booked a hotel for 1-night stay for Madison, WI at Magnuson Grand Hotel. 670 Verdae Boulevard The following morning I called LaQuinta to verify the reservations & they indeed had me reserved for that date at a cost of $95 per room, which was what I expected. We were not in the US on that date and had never heard of this hotel or website. CCI sent me a copy of their receipt. The purveyor of our reservation is listed on our September credit card statement as "CCI*HOTELRES [protected] TX." They charged me 613.85 to book 5 rooms . I knew the Looked up a hotel on line. I have found numerous reviews about them, WARNING people. Thank you for taking the time to contact Customer Care. CCI reservations mentioned NOTHING about an upcharge, especially about $100. It took several calls to their 800-468-3578 number to get a person (you must act like you want to make a new reservation). I am contacting LaQuinta and lodging a complaint also! I will not bother to call this people since it will be waste of time (they know this) and I will end up irritated and accomplish nothing. They aren't licensed to operate in California. When I told CCI this was a duplicate charge and I needed a refund, CCI gave me ticket #3605520 and promised to get back to me in 7 days. Getaroom - I have a charge on my credit card that needs explaining. I booked a room for a business trip. Made reservations through what I thought was the Hyatt web site direct for a convention in Aug In Phoenix AZ on 3-22-2021 @ 1:00pm.

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