and Musical director

Writing melodies is a passion that my father passed on to me.

The precise moment where you find a melody for a scene , and magically , this melody will take you by the hand through the entire movie .

I live for these moments  …..

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à Paris

Michel Korb reimagines this Francis Lemarque french classic... Manouche Style!

Album Release
Michel Korb Chante Francis Lemarque – CD

Michel Korb Chante
Francis Lemarque

" This album is the bridge between the musical verve of Django Reinhardt and Francis Lemarque’s songs "

On this album, Audrey, Enzo-Enzo, Sanseverino, Romain Didier and Thomas Dutronc and accordionist Roland Romanelli

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about Michel Korb

« It is rare and lucky, as a filmmaker, to find my musical alter ego on my first feature film. »
Christian Philibert
« I am truly happy to be able to finally collaborate with him. »
Samuel Benchetrit

Michel Korb

Composer and Musical director

While following a jazz programme, Michel Korb came to explore various other areas of music, including world, classical and electronic music. Progressively, his love for music and passion for film drew him more and more into cinema.

MichelKorb in his studio